Friday, March 6, 2009

Adva Mobile's 1st Newsletter

Adva Mobile 1st newsletter
Our first newsletter just came out, lot's of advice and insight on how to promote your band in these days where your fans are bombarded with electronic information they can't handle.

A highlight of this newsletter is an insightful interview conducted by Ariel Hyatt (founder of Ariel Publicity) of Helen Keegan on new mobile promotion tools for musicians.

We're featuring McAlister Drive as a leading band this month, who sold 10 tickets to their fans on their mobile phones this week (there's more here).

During March and April we are promoting tickets sales by paying the musicians $1 for every ticket sold through more here.

Thanks to Ariel, Helen, Christoph and John for their help on this newsletter...we better start working on the next one :-)

Kudos to UserVoice

Ever seen that little feedback tab on the right or left of a page and wanted one? It would take you less than 5 minutes to get it, customize and install it!

Following a post on ArtistData, I turned to UserVoice and found their amazing 5-minute installation, free user feedback forum widget and tool. They really nailed this one: does it's job, easy to install, what a breeze.

Warm recommendation to you, and kudos to UserVoice.