Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two really important pieces re mobile internet and mesaurment

Two brilliant pieces surfaced today, I thought it was well worth sharing.

The first is an excellent piece on mobile internet by Jason Grigsby:

"I would summarize my presentation this way:

1. The Mobile Web is coming and it is going to be huge.
2. Yes, we've heard this all before, but this time it is true. Look at the numbers.
3. I understand why people are skeptics, but if you were to look at the data from gopher and try to extrapolate the growth of the web before the introduction of mosaic, you would never guess the growth that was to happen. The iPhone is the Mosaic of the Mobile Web. The numbers we're seeing with the iPhone are nothing like what we saw previously.
4. Web Developers have a long ways to go to be prepared for building for the Mobile Web. We've got to learn new constraints and relearn some things--like web site optimization--which we've gotten lazy about.
5. Unfortunately, there is little consistency or data about mobile browsers--particularly factors for optimization--so we have been conducting tests on mobile browsers.
6. Here are the results of our tests and our recommendations based on these results.

The Web Visions conference organizers are supposed to be posting a podcast of the presentations sometime soon. As soon as they do, I'll hook it up to the slides.

For those who are purely interested in where mobile is headed, I recommend my other slideshow as well which I recorded audio for:

For more on web site optimization, here is another presentation and resources:

Here's the first of two brilliant slides:
Here's the second:

And here you can go through the whole pres. it's well worth it.

The second piece I think is groundbreaking: There's been a lot of discussion on the role of proper mobile internet traffic measurement and reporting in the healthy growing of the ecosystem, specifically how it would help marketers understand the effectiveness of mobile advertising and leverage it.
So today Venture Beat reports that M:Metrics is about to be sold for $50-$80M. That's a very healthy sign, I hope, and an indicators of the ones to follow. Everyone should measure what's happening on their sites, especially on mobile sites, so that the ecosystem can grow and expand. It's also another healthy indicator for the mobile internet as a whole. Like Jason said: I understand why people would be skeptic, but mobile internet is coming, and it's going to be huge.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Your new car does not include wheels

This one's beyond me.
I remember times when products came with the accessories required for them to function. Sure, there are always upgrades, accessories you never need etc., however I clearly recall buying PCs with power cords and ethernet cards, printers with power and USB cords and the required cartridges.
I'm out-of-date.

I just got a new Lexmark printer from Circuit City for my kid who has started showing interest in the computer. Open box, install, everything's great. Oops...where the heck did I put the USB cable? quick look at the box: USB cable not included. Nice. Went to the basement and like a good geek found one. keep going, I say. This printer has a color and Black cartridges. Found and installed the color one, no sweat. Where the black? Deja vu. not included. NICE. We'll buy one when we get to the store tomorrow. In the mean time, let's print something. DOH! can't print unless both cartridges are present. GRRRRR.

Drive to Circuit City next day. Turns out they have an exclusive on these cartridges, at $20 each. And they're out of stock. Sure, you can drive to New Hampshire to get one now, or you can wait a WEEK for your new printer to work.

Is it me or somebody lost it in their greed?! Can you imaging the salesman telling you: "Oh, your new car does not include wheels. they are ours exclusively and we're out of stock. You can get them in 10 business days".

Disclaimer: just checked a few other printer vendors. this seems to be a norm with others too. Another blessed industry move...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adva Mobile seeking tech lead

Adva Mobile is a stealth mode startup in the mobile marketing space. Our mission is to enable entertainment artists to promote their art to their fans in new exciting ways and receiving marketers' attention while doing that.

We are currently seeking a technology lead who will help us build this product by defining scalable and flexible architecture, planning and executing it. This person needs to have high level of understanding and knowledge of recent server side and mobile web technologies. This person needs to be comfortable coding as well as managing internal and outsourced resources. This person will participate in the selection and integration with vendors. This person also needs to be comfortable in a startup environment.

This is a great opportunity for the experienced technical team lead who might be seeking new entrepreneurial opportunities.


· Experienced building and executing server, mobile web and multimedia architectures

· Knowledge of mobile multimedia delivery technologies

· Knowledge of latest web 2.0 development technologies

· Comfortable developing and managing internal and external resources

· High comfort level operating in a young startup

Please contact jobs@AdvaMobile.com if interested.

Please no recruiters or other third parties.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Who You Are Makes a Difference

I am humbled and amazed to have seen this fantastic inspiring piece about really making a difference. I highly recommend it...take a moment and watch