Monday, January 5, 2009

Adva Mobile Launched

Adva Mobile launches the mobile fan club service for musicians
I'm excited to announce that earlier today Adva Mobile opened the service for musicians to sign up and start creating their mobile fan clubs. In the past two months we had the fan experience working: sending text messages, viewing mobile internet pages, downloading songs to fans' phones, sharing on twitter etc. Now we enable artists to control their messaging, mobile pages, content and more. For those interested, here's the press release.

The beta period was rewarding in that it taught us a lot about what's important to the bands and to the fans. We good great feedback and enthusiasm although we had no marketing budget. It was the power of the promoters, bands and fans to spread the word. THANK YOU FOR THAT!

Now we need to concentrate on the next challenge, and we could use your help: get the word out to as many bands as possible. We could use your help: if you know a band, or your neighbor's kid plays in a band, tell them about us: Adva Mobile, the mobile fan club service:

On another note, Adva Mobile now has it's own blog: There is also a Twitter account:

Look for Adva Mobile stuff over there. In the mean time, I'll debate where each of my ramblings go, here or there :-)

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