Saturday, February 24, 2007

Next Gen Mobile Instant Messaging

Try this:

Got it?
try this:

The mobile instant messaging, to me, is the obvious interaction solution for any teenage on the move. and there's a lot of them.
I came across the Zlango language by referal from a friend, and I love it. Zlango is "revolutionary, simple and practical language...learning the language is unbelievably fast and amusing...always generates a good and playful mood". It's exactly what it is.
Here's why I think it will take off: It took my rusty brain 2 seconds to understand the messages. because they are graphic, and if you don't get it, there's the text below.
Heck, my 7 year old can't get away from their site!
If you're Russian, Polish, Japanese or Hebrew speaking, it makes no difference: This is mobile Esperanto that everyone will get. took me a couple good minutes to figure out what on earth another friend meant when they IM'd me "TTYL" the other day, Zlango make all that go away.
Having graphic, funny, rich messages is a great recipe to drive adoption. But if that's not enough, the guys at Zlango are open to suggestions and new ideas.
And best of all, you can go on the web, create your own messages and do whatever you want with them: get them on your site/blog, email and much more.
I certainly would watch Zlango closely, I think they will make a difference.

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