Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A shooting star in Manila

A couple of months ago I spent some time in Manila. It was a good trip, useful, and we're hoping to soon see the results of that team effort.
Its been my experience not to have too much time on those trips to see the country as a tourist. So you find yourself going around the world, knowing exactly the structure of SFO airport, or where's the closet in the hotel, but knowing almost nothing about the country you're in.
One of the things I like to do on those trips, since I'm still a curious person, is to learn about the I work with. I find that fascinating and highly enjoyable. Its like taking the non-touristic route in Venice.
So back to Manila: One of the people I met was pretty junior. 3 months out of the university, young, honest, hard working. She had a critical role in the project, including getting resources, managing people from other departments, doing a lot of the actual work herself, and reporting.
She excelled at it: diligent, precise, fully vested into her deliverable. clear, useful reporting.
she was fun to work with.
I told her superior to closely watch her: a shooting star that will go far.

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