Wednesday, April 4, 2007

ConnexTo welcomes Mac/FF users

As of yesterday, ConnexTo code creation site supports also users who do not use Internet Explorer for web browsing, mainly Mac and FireFox users. You can just log in (or register if you've not done so yet) and start making your own codes (for non-commercial use). As every other technology company, we try focusing on the specific technology, but a recent encounter with 16 glowing apples in the dark made me move faster on this one :-)
Go for it, enjoy and let me know if you find anything broken.

Another little upgrade, we removed a couple of the redundant fields in the Join page to make it more friendly. hope peeps will find it more appealing to join and experience ConnexTo.
We also enabled you to send pictures of codes (if you don't have ConnexTo on your phone) to decode into

Another drop in the bucket :-)

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