Thursday, April 26, 2007

DiMO (Freedom Trail) project site launched

You can view it here: Click on the tags link to view the content of the projects.

DiMO Boston Freedom Trail Project works using ConnexTo CodesWe had another very interesting review today. Some of the projects are extremely innovative and interesting. The view of adding dimensions into the freedom trail experience for tourists, to me, is the optimal application for code scanning technology: You're there and you can learn more. As Scott Shaffer wisely calls it "Physical World Connection".

ConnexTo Codes morphed in motion in the DiMO projectAnother interesting dimension of this project is the interaction with community, and with local authorities that manage the monuments along the trail. For example, Ashley had developed a very interesting and useful relations with the King's Chapel management, as did Michael in his 'Pub Crawl" project. Aaron links between the tourist experience and nearby community in the Bunker Hill area, Evan is building a community/WIKI set of pages to allow people to share their impression of the site. Matthew is sharing the true spirit of the North End, Paul will get you there with his "Charlie MBTA" project and Josh will allow you to "choose your own adventure".
Chris took an interesting task: make the trail friendly to those parents who are looking for adventure in the morning, but need to feed the kids, change diapers,...,...,,...Chris' Freedom trail is children friendly.
Theresa helps tourists navigate their way around Park St. Church. The cool idea I found in her project is the practical small card she created that people can theoretically pick up from the church or from their hotel.
Todd is linking mobile articles with community posts. Matt was looking at embedding codes and logos.
Jason's project is interest also because its a great starting point: he provides a video of the inside of King's chapel church if you get there 5 minutes after it closes. Pretty neat, I think, but what's even better is to show a bunch of alternating pieces of content: if you visit the chapel during the day, you can see how it looks at night, he can show ceremonies and other events.

Dominik's DiMO project created a Boston Common pamphlet with ConnexTo codes linking to digital contentAnd last, Dominik has a very cool pamphlet for Boston common with little two sided pieces that stick out: on one side you could identify the statue of the ducks, for example, on the other side you could scan the code to get to more content about it. This way a tourist can pick up a number of those as they begin their day in the hotel, and move about the city in a much more interesting way.

I invite everyone to review the projects and initiatives, and add your comments. To me, these projects are the starting point of something very interesting and valuable...I'm looking forward to see where it goes!

We are hoping to be able to show the project soon in one of the mobile Monday Boston events, with the presence of the students, hopefully Yasmine might be able to join. Stay tuned.

Even though we're hoping the project will continue, let me add a note of thanks: Many thanks to the talented students who created the content and worked hard; it really shows. Many thanks to Matt Gross from uLocate who helped (Have a good trip Matt! Arigato Gozaimase) and Devin from Sprint.
Last, a million thanks to Yasmine Abbas, whose talent and creativity inspired this project. It's time to use mCodes on your blog :-)
Good luck Yasmine in all your endeavors!

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