Friday, September 7, 2007

Iceman vs. Batman: Who would you like next to you?

I'm having a blast time now with sports events (not that its helping my own fitness a whole lot): in the last week's evenings you could open the TV and flip between the US Open and Red Sox games (The Red Sox are having a great year, hopefully they'll win the title), and just a few weeks ago, the NE Patriots started blasting on the weekends...heaven.

Has anyone seen the (tennis) game between Roger Federer and Andy Roddic on Wednesday night? One of the most interesting matches in this tournament between #1 (Federer) and #5 (Roddic) in the world. Although Federer played better tennis, Roddic game him a good fight for the first two sets taking them to the tie breakers (BTW, Federer eventually won 6-7, 6-7, 6-2).
Image Attribute: WikipediaFederer reminded me of the comics 'Iceman': He was dominant in the game; he plays perfect tennis and some think that he might be the best player in the game ever. His movements are perfect and he (almost) has no weak points. But what's amazing about him, is that he is as cool as ice, almost inhuman: plays perfect, never gets mad (well, at least not in the games I've seen), some limited reaction when winning a point, and that's it. Hell, he almost didn't seem to sweat!

Image Attribute: WikipediaRoddic reminded me of Batman, in that he's truly one of the best players today. He's inferior (IMHO) to Federer in the after-serve game, but- he has the perfect serve, which landed him numerous aces during the game. (Let me take it back, his game closer to the net is also better than Federer's, but that's not the point). The point being, that Roddic knows he has an advantage there and he 'engages' that weapon well. But what is very different about Roddic, is that he is totally 'human': he expresses his emotions very clearly and one can easily see the correlation between the results and the emotional state, and vice versa. (A little like Batman: powerful, but human: see that human lower half of his face exposed?) Further, it seems that, perhaps because he's American, or because he is so emotionally human, or because he came to the match as an underdog, the crowd seemed to engage him more.

Sharp turn to professional life (and focus in on startups): You have two candidates for a role at your new venture, or you want to shape your own professional figure...what figure would you like to see as your next: self/employee/colleague/boss?
Perfect, almost inhuman, emotionless, utterly professional, 'it's all business' Iceman OR
Very strong, very dedicated, crosses boundaries, emotional and human (incl. it's flaws) Batman?

I find myself pondering that question, be interested in your thoughts.

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