Friday, October 12, 2007

The iUnbrick to my iBricked iPhone

iUnBricking solution for iPhone: an Apple planned marketing strategy?The saga of (unlocked + application loaded + virgin) iPhones getting generously bricked by Apple (my thoughts covered here) continues.

Gizmodo today reports that iPhoneSIMFree, the company that "released the first GUI iPhone SIM unlock, has just provided an updated version of their SimFree unlocker for iPhone".

One thought is that the likes of iPhoneSIMFree are extremely competent people. Their intentions aside, they are quite talented. if I were Apple I would seriously consider hiring them.

Another thought, and call me crazy, but what if all this is an Apple marketing buzz exercise? Wouldn't that be perfect? get everyone talking about iPhone this and iPhone that. Nothing like good controversy to keep product sales going.

The Gizmodo post has some length comments. Here's one guy that commented on this:

"Perhaps it was because Apple did it on purpose!"

Or maybe they tested it!!! Let's see which makes more sense!

Scene 1: Apple tests their new firmware with AnySIM unlocked iPhone -> brick -> warn people of the fact

Scene 2: Apple tests their new firmware with AnySIM unlocked iPhone -> works fantastically -> "Oh SHIT! Let's add code to make sure the firmware bricks these things! Work harder, coder slaves! This is why we pay ya!! We don't care if word gets out about this after we lay one of you guys off, and cause all sorts of backlash and lawsuits in the future, cuz we're stupid! "


Indeed Hmm.

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