Thursday, October 4, 2007

Some really interesting creative work on codes

Stephen Chasey's QR code for Depna, a mobile marketing blogStephen Chasey (Depna) is an asset to the mobile code scanning world.

First, he's spent time in Japan, capital of real-life code scanning. He knows first hand what it is, what people think about it, how it's being used and all of that.

Second, he is not biased towards one technology or another, or so it seems from his blog. He seems to be open to what works and makes sense to the audience requirements, independent of marketing spins.
Third, he is well aware of other mobile marketing methods and in fact proposes a good consumer view summary here.

Stephen Chasey's hybrid aesthetic mobile codeAnd last, he has some fabulous work done on codes for aesthetic features and use cases. Extremely creative.

Any code scanning player should consider how they could harness his energy!

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