Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Last Weekend for Adva Mobile

So between crazy weeks and weekends I'll try to make the occasional post about how we're doing at Adva Mobile. I think though that soon I'll start looking for a proper blog for us...recommendations welcome.

So anyway, last Friday we were at another HearNowLive show, at Church, which was a lot of fun and a great show. HearNowLive have a great cover of the show.

Adva mobile at Church on Friday Aug 29th
We got great feedback from all the artists, they were interested and did the shoutout really well (Someday Rome took it to another level :-))
We estimated a crowd of 120 fans at the peak, and so a collection of close to 15% phone numbers in total, and higher numbers of messages from fans requesting content, that's not a bad stat (for the very limited set of features we already have live).
We're working on the next gigs, and new feautures. Check out McAlister Drive's MySpace page with our new widget, and this Thursday Club d'Elf is at the Lizard Lounge using trying our service.
much more to come...

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