Sunday, October 5, 2008

iSkoot/mSkype is OFF MY PHONE!

Recent family health issues required me to stay in touch with remote family on the go. I figured this is finally a great way to put the iSkoot app (which never really worked before, as I could never login) to work.
As soon as I launched the application I managed to login...yay! few minutes of contacts sync etc., I was a happy bunny. Sometime later, it wanted to download a new version, fair enough. download, install reboot, all's fine.
re launch the application, need to login again...ok, and I get this error message: "You're logged in on a different phone"...WHAT?? I don't have a different phone!

So I wait a few minutes and try again. logged in ok, and contacts resync, I tried calling a Skype contact. Healthy dial tone...two tones sounds and the Skype operator goes: "Could not connect your call, please try again later"...

So I try dialing through Skype out to another number, thinking "I AM WILLING TO PAY"...same error message. and so on and so on. Couldn't do anything with it.

I did get a spam chat request though from someone offering me a glipmse of her private parts.

whatever this app is called, Skype or iSkoot, it's off my phone for good.
I'm shopping for cheap international call mobile solutions, open for recommendations!


Matt said...

Hey Amir,

Long time no speak.

I don't know if you've tried it, but you should check out Talkster. I've been using it lately to speak with my brother in the UK.


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