Friday, May 18, 2007

ConnexTo Review by Alessandro Pace and others

ConnexTo LogoIt's been a while since my last post...lots of work, interest and business. All's good!

It's always great to hear complementary reviews on your solution, especially if they come in midday Friday :-)

Italy Tourism ConnexTo codeHere's one that came from Alessandro Pace, an organizer of MobileMondayBoston group, a guru and Forum Nokia Pro in the flash space, and a great friend. Here's some of his thoughts: "I have to say that it worked like a champ. I was really impressed with their application and technology since my experience with other barcodes was not so great". You can read more here.

At the same breath, we received another quote from an impressed user (other side of the planet ...):
"I think that ConnexTo is better because of the following reasons:
It has a better error detection system, if the image is distorted or a little out of focus, it can still scan the code successfully. I did some testing with some codes on their web site and it was a lot better than others.
The client software is available for a variety of devices. It (the codes) can be created on many different shapes which makes it easier to fit on newspaper ads."

Anyway, enough for today, hope you enjoyed reading. If you have any comments yourselves, please let me know, I'll be looking forward to hear from you.
There's going to be a lot more news to share soon, watch this space!...