Friday, June 1, 2007

Avril Lavignes fans get real time mobile updates and content

Avril Lavigne Mobile Marketing CampaignAnother great step in bringing the crowds closer to community and services, (From 4Info blog:) Nettwerk has partnered with 4INFO to bring Avril Lavigne's fans real-time mobile updates and live messages from Avril. Fans can sign up for these messages on Avril's official website and Myspace page. Fans can also text the word “Avril” to 44636 (4INFO) to receive a menu of the latest Avril-related news, gear, promotions and concert and tour information.

This is really cool because its step taken in the North American stage, where things are maybe a little behind in some respects compared to other geographies. It seems like 4Info have got a lot going on, but this one has a lot of sizzle and will (hopefully) make its way into a large community.

I have to say I'm very happy for Nettwerk: First, I very much like their holistic approach when it comes to content distribution: they aren't cut-throat thirsty to get the dime out of your pocket. They will let you hear the music, experience it and then you can decide you like it enough to make a purchase. Second, this isn't the first step they've taken into the mobile space: they had tried going in with BNL ConnexTo campaign before. They're trying different approaches and will end up taking the ones that work.

Last, I love Avril's music. Like many other great stuff coming out of Ontario, she's really great, and has a good web presence and much more.

Good stuff.

Here's my little contribution: scan this code using ConnexTo to sign up for Avril's mobile updates, get content and much more:

Sign up for Avril Lavignes Mobile Marketing Campaign using ConnexTo, the mobile code scanning solution

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