Friday, June 1, 2007

BMW mobile code scanning campaign

BMW launches integrated mobile marketing campaign involving mobile code scanning
BMW launches integrated marketing campaign in EU involving Semacode technology (read here). This is a huge positive move on a car brand that again confirms the market growing interest in mobile code scanning integrated marketing campaigns. According to Semacode blog, the program involves all that's needed from a marketing campaign: customized code readers, distribution channels, advertising, value to the consumers etc. they've thought it through.

I'm really happy for the guys at Semacode: putting competition aside, this is a very good deal and it does good for all the players in the space. It's a young evolving space and there's enough for all of us to chew on, so this kind of win raises the interest all around. Good stuff guys!


Anonymous said...

developing a branded reader distributed through a car company, into a market that doesn't have existing standards... it's the biggest waste of money I can imagine. The only value in any optical codes is when they are shared by everyone else who is using them both on the consumer side as well as the publisher side.

this is the worst possible way to roll out a new technology. it would be like, in 1995, you tried to introduce the internet to the world by making a unique BMW browser when no one had (or was interested in) Netscape.

I hope no one paid money for this deal.

Amir Rozenberg said...

I agree to your comment, let me make two "reality" notes:
1- The quest to figure out the key factors that will drive adoption will be a costly one, because the nature of the service is consumer facing and will require launches and trials that in all likelihood, might fail in one or more categories. Sure, it doesn't serve well as the ultimate ideal solution but it does serve the longer term goal of finding that ideal solution
I agree.
2- If you're a player in the space, and BMW puts money on the table, you will take it :-) I would be very surprised if this deal was free.