Monday, June 4, 2007

Network World Partners With Nextcode's ConnexTo For Mobile Barcodes In Publications

This is big news for us: Network World (NWW) is an online and print publication, and they are starting to use ConnexTo codes to bring their subscribers closer to their brand and content.

Network World Adding ConnexTo codes on their recurring publications for their mobile subscribers
As a first step, subscribers will be able to scan the code to get to their mobile site and get more information, read more etc. NWW obviously are thinking further down the line and are planning to make use of the unique advantage of mCodes: provide useful, positive experience to the subscriber immediately as they scan the code (namely, locally on the phone w/o having to go to the network to fetch whatever action is required): "(NWW:) We plan on creating a more immersive mobile online experience, such as being able to post a comment on an article through your phone or read other readers' comments."

Scott Shaffer has added a few of his comments on this (read here): "I think proprietary codes like mcodes, have a great chance of adoption because consumers will be able to recognize the distinct code and WILL KNOW what functions/applications are associated with them...ConnexTo's 2d barcodes look different, and perform a lot better, than most mobile barcodes."

Here's more coverage of the story from BtoB, The Magazine for marketing strategies, the story by Marie Griffin:
"Although it may look ordinary, the text box is somewhat revolutionary. It is likely the first time a business publication in the U.S. has offered its readers the option of getting to the information they seek on a Web site via the mobile Internet without keying in or clicking."

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