Friday, August 17, 2007

Mobile Codes Motivation

The email briefs on wireless are reported today that Sprint will spend $5B on WiMAX "buildout"($2.5B in '08!).
Hearing such a number I halt for a second: $5B... Not that it is so dissimilar from other infrastructure investments like IMS, 3G, LBS and many more, but still an impressive number. Specifically in this case, they are building the wireless IP network for services and content, which will require further development and marketing budgets. You would find all over the web different quotes on the (lack of) returns on wireless IP network investments because there weren't enough compelling services and content to drive subscriber adoption: "The Current State Of The Mobile Internet Is Disappointing For All Stakeholders" (Source).
(As a side, with a promise of "Sprint has stated that it intends to deliver service at 2 Mbps to 4 Mbps to its customers with Mobile WiMAX." (Source), we can begin thinking of WVOIP, but lets leave that aside, I can't believe Sprint are making the investment based on WVOIP alone).

So the network will be available, the pipes will be wide enough, and the NFL games will just be waiting to be seen. What would motivate subscribers to actually consume the services? or rather, what would change things from the subscriber standpoint??
I suggest that what could change is the accessibility to those services and content, simplified by mobile code scanning. These can bring the returns on the investment this time around. Let people connect in a click to content, to their bank account, to mobile purchasing, coupons, loyalty, ticketing, networking its all doable. Make code scanning happen and it will show the returns you were hoping for. Here's a great article that speaks to the potential of mobile advertising and state of things.

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