Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Mobile Tech Reviews & tidbits

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A couple of interesting posts reviewing new mobile technologies:

  • (From MobHappy) Strand Consulting is one of the analysts who really get mobile, so it was interesting to read over at 160 Characters their take on the current 7 most overhyped mobile technologies. I found the comments on UMA, mobile advertising, mobile interenet really interesting. Further isn't it interesting that IMS didn't make it to the list? is it not overhyped anymore or was it never overhyped (back in 2004?) :-)
  • Check out this LinkedIn survey on "The next 'Killer App' in the Cellular World". It is by no means a comprehensive survey, but many people there think that location aware services are a good candidate. I personally think that like UMA and other services it is still too complex for developers and subscribers and people would still rather get the dashboard GPS unit than figure out the on-phone service
  • Throwing tidbits, I was really happy for RIM with this recent ABI Research that reported RIM's Blackberry Smartphone market share increased to 44%. To those who were quick a year or so ago to call the Blackjack, Moto Q and others 'Blackberry killers', I said (and still do): the Canadian folks are just so talented, they will leave everyone else in the dust. Just think of the recent devices: the dual-mode 8830 that does so well to the US operators with business users who so far had to exchange phones on travel; the WiFi enabled consumer-features-loaded 8820, and soon to come Pearl 2 ('Komet')...BTW, knowing RIM from when their stock was in the one-digit range, I can only congratulate my friends over there on the unbelievable stock performance
Mobile Code Scanning stuff:
  • Gregory Ng, writer of iPhone Matters, has an interesting post on iPhone Mobile Code Scanning. I wonder where this could go: iPhone does not exactly follow all other vendors rules in that it could set the tone for which technology to use, and what might be good use cases. I suppose Apple started receiving emails from code scanning players :-) Good luck Apple!
  • Last tidbit, the pondering primate reports a new player in the mobile code scanning scene named Mova Media. It wasn't apparent immediately what is the symbology they've chosen to use (I admit I've not spent too much time researching) but what I like about their approach is that it seems to be services-oriented rather than technology oriented. I very much support the approach that useful, valuable services drive adoption as opposed to technology

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