Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's Get Rid of Non-Compete Agreements

Something healthy is happening in New England. Important people have been looking at key differences in the entrepreneurial scene between here and the west coast. The non-compete is absolutely one of those: the freedom for people to move about the scene with new ideas and ways to build better products, innovate and move forward.

I was in this situation myself, and although in both situations I wasn't signed on any employment letter (that would include a non-compete), I was extremely hesitant and in fact did not pursue the ideas I had. Not to say if this was removed I surely were to follow through, but in those two situations it played a big part.

Well now Bijan of Spark capital, Scott Kirsner and others are pushing it, and I am happy to support them in this.

Check out the new Alliance for Non-Compete Page, including the letter to Governor Patrick and the response.

Everyone should join and support this.

The Alliance for Non-Compete

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