Sunday, December 30, 2007

Google Maps on BB Curve

Between figuring out GPS for our trips and why can't my very capable smart beautiful BB Curve combine E-OTD location and its unlimited data to download real time traffic and maps, I was very happy to find that Google Maps has a mobile version. It even uses tower triangulation to (very! ) approx. locate me. This would be real cool when driving long trips and selecting local Panera vs. McDonalds!

The downside, when I downloaded the application OTA from, every time I'd start it, it would freeze my BB. Lots of search and disbelief lead me to delete all application data and that made everything work finally. A slight heart attack in the middle as it will reset the BB settings and you'll have to wait for the operator setup to (automatically) come down OTA and install itself.
Google Maps now works like a charm and I can't wait to test-drive it. It won't be text-to-speech navigation GPS device replacement, but maybe it's a start, and maybe Google will take a location snapshot once every so often when the application is running. that in addition to better accuracy will give it real navigation features.
Bottom line: very cool and impressive, but Google- you got to get that installation bug out of the way, you're no startup.

Next is how to sync Google Calendar with BB. Comments welcome :-)

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