Thursday, May 31, 2007

Check out Massachusets Gas Prices cool mobile access

Mobile code scanning enables users to access gas prices on the go
For those of you who are price sensitive when you're refueling your car (and are getting ready for when we hit the $4/Gallon point), I found this cool website called "Massachusetts Gas Prices", which has lots of useful information besides just giving you the cheaper options in your area. For example, you could find historical gas price chart in the last, say, 2 years, compared to crude oil prices here.

They also offer a nice little WAP site accessible from your phone called You get there, enter your zip code (or where you want to refuel) and get the cheaper stations in that area. Here's the page that describes how it works, you also have an SMS options etc.

Here's a code that links there so you can print yourselves and keep in the car :-)Check local gas prices using ConnexTo, the mobile code scanning solution

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