Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Cell A House: the ConnexTo spin

Cell A House Mobile Marketing
Scott Shaffer has an interesting post on how Realtors and interested buyers can exchange information using their mobile phones. The service is brought by "Cell A House" from Mobile Visions. The benefits are obvious and immediate, as Scott states: "A great idea and long overdue". Imagine those ads on newspapers coming to life on your phone.

Let me add my 2 cents:
Right now the way to use the service is to text the (I'm guessing) house number to a short code. For example, you can try the service by texting H0000 to 95495. Sure, everyone has SMS and the service is easy and But-How many people get it right?

Let me propose a ConnexTo enhancement:
try scanning the code on the left using ConnexTo (get ConnexTo code reader to your phone from (Sorry the code came out a little fuzzy but that's due to my graphical incompetency...)

Cell-A-House using ConnexTo, the mobile code scanning solution
Cell A House Mobile Marketing SMS Details

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