Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hear It 'N Get It: New service that brings consumers closer to mobile content

Hingi: Hear it N Get it mobile Content CampaignJust came across a very cool service for mobile users: "Hear it 'N Get It". Supposedly, once you hear a song you like on TV or on the radio, the service will allow you to send an SMS to a shortcode (4144) with the name of the TV/Radio channel. You will get an SMS back with links to the last 3 songs played and then you can download various versions of the content.
Here's their version: "Hear It 'N Get It allows users to buy mobile content in just 2 clicks, irrespective of the type of the handset they use, or the broadcast source of the music they hear.The service requires no agent software, no portal and no search-engine."

So that's the service, here's a couple thoughts:
  • What caught my eye is the healthy approach the company ( is taking: "Users buy content in just 2 clicks". Service sign up? NO, Support for pre-paid subscribers? YES, Limitations on who can use it? NO, What am I being charged for? you'll get charged only if the song was found, any fixed charges? NO. Reach, Simplicity and Value are the name of the game.
  • I LOVE the design on their consumer-oriented site (Hebrew, English). It's cool and immediate to understand: what is the service about, how does it work for me.
  • The challenge, as always is the consumer education: How do I know about the service, the shortcode and the exact code for the station. But: with the right business model, they can get the station to promote their service.
Unfortunately it seems like the service for now is available only in Israel, but with a recent $3.4M investment, I'm sure they are thinking global :-)
Good luck guys!

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