Saturday, May 19, 2007

Smart's DECODE mobile codes

Smart DECODE mobile codes based on ConnexTo technologyI had mentioned this earlier in my posts, but now I can show it:
Here's one cool picture from a Smart store. These codes allow people to get content from Smart's deck by simply clicking to scan a code. simple, right?

If you're not a Smart Communications subscriber, you're bound for a little surprise: The standard ConnexTo code reader will scan the code, but it won't tell you what's the content of this code!

Smart DECODE mobile codes based on ConnexTo technologyThese codes are "Smart codes", meaning that only Smart Communications can create those codes and only Smart subscribers can use them. Why? because those codes connect to Smart's mobile payment/purchasing solution, and clearly Smart wanted only their subscribers to enjoy the benefits of their solution. Get it?

ConnexTo allows you to have "public codes" that everyone can create, anyone can scan using the "public" code reader. BUT in addition, using ConnexTo, a carrier, advertiser, operator or anyone else, can create a targeted campaign, which will allow special features only to their intended audience. Only they can create those codes, and only their audience, using the "customized" code reader can scan them. Here's a couple more advantages of this approach:
  • The campaign owner (brand, operator,...) has full control to customize their user experience. for example, if they want to show a product name, price and get user input, they can do so. by doing that they ensure predictable positive user experience.
  • Second, the campaign owner can prevent frauds by inserting hidden information into the code, that provides authenticity to the message. the user can see the visible fields and enter their input, but they don't get to see the security stuff behind the scenes.
  • Third, obviously this gives campaign owner the ability to give special offers to their subscriber base, keeping them happy and bringing new ones in.
I think its quite powerful.

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