Friday, January 4, 2008

Beautiful: 5min Receives $5 Million in Series A Financing from Spark Capital

5min get series A funding from Spark CapitalI'm so happy to see that 5min got their series A funding. This is very exciting. A great startup with a really innovative idea to facilitate community 'how to' videos. this, to me, is exactly web 2.0. It's a bit disappointing that they're not saying anything about it in their Blog.

Their product is really well equipped to motivate video creation and uploading as well as repost the videos pretty much everywhere. Alongside with the almost-given community commenting/rating/...
You can send the video to your mobile via SMS (Free?) however I've not seen a mobile site or client where you can search content directly or maybe upload. I've not spent too much time searching I'll admit. I'm sure mobile's high on their radar, maybe not made it to the top just yet.

I was looking at them back when I was dealing with mobile code scanning, I was thinking about direct launch of a video from your mobile phone. Imagine you get home with an Ikea piece of furniture and there's a little code that launches the assembly video instructions on your cell (why on your cell? because your PC may not be next to you).

Anyway highly interesting innovative idea that's been picked up by Spark Capital. Good on Spark and congrats 5min team. Does that mean you'll spend more time in Boston? :-)

Here's a nice one: Cool Juggling Tricks with Devil Sticks. Enjoy!

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