Friday, January 18, 2008

Good space to be in: remote handset testing

Every content and game provider knows how frustrating, difficult, cost and efforts consuming it is to deal with every different phone. I've already blogged on how similar J2ME or windows mobile phone is in reality very different, to the degree that if one is interested to ensure an acceptable user experience, they need to hold the phone in their hands.

Well some people aren't sitting on their hands. Device Anywhere from Mobile complete provides a good service that allows people to access various phones on specific networks. The phones seem to be physically in the country you need testing at. in fact, seems like a number of vendors partnered with mobile complete to provide a developer-friendly service. limited devices and network but great and economic service. (Sadly, the locations aren't always ideal in terms of network coverage: hey Mobile complete check your T-Mobile UK coverage!).
Mobile Distillery is also providing a similar service, and I believe so does Nexperience.


Darren said...


First, let me say, great blog. I agree, DeviceAnywhere is a great service! I've been using it for quite some time to develop applications without having to purchase a bunch of phones. It's great! Going to have to disagree with you about the T-Mobile UK service, all the devices have excellent signal strength! They also have over 40 different handsets to choose from when testing. It's nice to have options!

Amir Rozenberg said...

Good stuff Darren. Unsure what happened with the TMO UK signal, prob. a temp thing. Overall I agree, it's a cost effective great service with lots of options. I'm not surprised vendors are licensing access to it.
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