Thursday, March 1, 2007

Another piece from Smart's DECODE

I just came across another advertisement for Smart Decode:

Besides loving the graphics on this, the whole message is simple, clean, and inviting.
"No need to type in keywords or access codes...Scan the code and your phone does the rest"...I love it. There's more to come, watch this space...


streetstylz said...

In my opinion, the exclusion of keywords limits the Smart Decode mobile application greatly and leaves the consumer with a one-dimensional product offering.

What if a consumer has a mobile device that doesn't support the camera function of the Smart Decode mobile application? Wouldn't that leave the consumer with the inability to interact with the product, advertisement, poster, ect?

One player in the PWC space has a complete mobile platform that can scan a smartcode (Aztec, Datamatrix, and soon QR) and perform direct-to-connect via barcode numbers and keywords.

One notable feature is a search function in this application's download site, which allows any phone (90%+) that have been tested, to by-pass the download of the client, and instead, enables the consumer to perform direct searches to link any activated keyword or barcode number to content on the mobile web.


Amir Rozenberg said...

Thanks Streetstylz for your comment. Smart have stuff in their bag that they haven't unleashed yet. Its all part of a plan to introduce those things to consumers without overwhelming them. BTW, Smart just mobilized the Miss Philippine contest voting using Smart DECODE. More to come, watch this space :-)