Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Quick'nDirty guide to ConnexTo

After having a session about mobile code scanning and ConnexTo at the Boston Barcamp2 (Thanks all attendees for coming! posting to follow) I was asked a couple of quick-beginner how-do-I questions that's worth covering real quick. This posting is not trying to discuss motivation for code scanning, but how to do it using ConnexTo.
  • creating codes: Log into ConnexTo site, where you can create code for URL, SMS, Phone Number and your contact information. (Note this is limited for non-commercial purposes). Feel free to save & use any of those codes, including sticking 'em on the back of your self-made business card :-) . MAC users: we are working to enable the site for non-IE users but its not there yet, its going to happen real soon so stay tuned.

  • Scanning codes- I am interested in downloading ConnexTo code reader application to my phone: Step 1- check that your phone is supported here. Step 2- launch your phone's web browser to follow the download instructions to download the application. when you have the application installed, launch it (look for ConnexTo name and /or logo) and try it out. in most phones, all you need to do is aim the phone at a code and press the center button to scan. Its pretty simple, so don't be worried. check out this video on how to operate ConnexTo code reader (Thanks to Mark from Mark's Guide)

  • Scanning codes- I am NOT interested in downloading ConnexTo code reader application to my phone: step 1- take a picture of a code using your camera phone step 2- send the picture (via MMS or Email) to Our server will attempt to decode the code and respond to you (over SMS if you sent an MMS from the US, or over email if you sent an email in). Please keep in mind this service too is not supposed to be used for commercial purposes.
That's it! Try it, enjoy and tell me more about thoughts, comments and ideas it triggered.

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