Friday, March 9, 2007

Couple new toys in ConnexTo Code Reader

For those of you who are using ConnexTo and are interested, there's a couple updates:
1- We've enabled "contact information" code scanning for many of the Nokia and Sony-Ericsson phones that support J2ME programmatic access to the address book. Now in plain English: you can create codes that contain your contact information codes on ConnexTo site, stick 'em on the back of your business card, web page,... and now more of your friends can scan your contact information directly from that code.
Two notes worth making:
a- keep in mind, the more information in the code, the bigger the code, the harder it is to successfully scan ' information codes are typically big ones, so add only information you must have in there, and be patient...
b- On some phones, programmatic access to the address book is restricted. You can try your application options-permissions to see if there's something blocking ConnexTo from adding the contact to your address book.

2- A nice little add-on, now when you scan a "URL code", you can also share it with your friend(s) by selecting "forward"

So, for Nokia or Sony-Ericsson phone owners, there's a new version waiting for you on ConnexTo download site.

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