Tuesday, March 20, 2007

March 20th: The Steak and A You-Know-What Day!

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now. For those greater-Boston morning commuters, here's a fabulous recommendation: if you can listen to the radio, tune into 105.7 WROR. The Loren and Wally show is a great way to spend those miles on the road. They have great music, traffic reports and all, but the best thing, they manage to crack me up every single morning.

This morning they put on the response to the Feb 14th "Her Day", is when you show your appreciation to your wife and girlfriend. Well, March 20th from now on is the "Steak and A You-Know-What Day!". It begins in the morning when you greet your wife/girlfriend with cheerful "Happy Holiday". to their inquisitive look, you can explain that today is "His Day", where she can show her appreciation your endless efforts to please and comfort her during the previous and hopefully next year.
Before you do that, you may want to listen to this audio bit so you can clearly express what is the "Steak and A You-Know-What Day!" holiday to your wife/girlfriend and not sound too stupid doing it.
Other great bits that you can listen to on the web are "Men From Maine" and the "Wallyology Report".

Good luck!

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