Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Two new campaigns from Smart

I'm a little swamped these days, hence short and quick post:
Smart are keeping up the beat of interesting code-scanning based campaigns coming in, based on their product DECODE. As I keep saying, Smart are moderating the introduction of the new services such that they don't overwhelm their subscribers.

First, last Saturday Smart enabled consumers to vote for "BinibiningPilipinas" Miss Philippines through code scanning (see below). The candidate that got the most text votes got the “SMART Texter’s Choice” award. Congratulations to the beautiful winners!

Next, Smart are holding their annual "Smart Sweep" event, an event dedicated, if I understand correctly, to the local developer community. Smart are presenting their DECODE code scanning product to developers, I'm guessing they are opening the stage (good for them!) for new ideas and innovation. Here's the specific page for the DECODE product.

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