Wednesday, March 7, 2007

ConnexTo on YouTube and Mark's Guide

This is so cool: Mark (the author of Mark's Guide ) had a chance to play around with ConnexTo and it certainly seems to have gotten his attention. He's not a lazy guy, this chap, and so he took his camera and created the simplest, greatest video of ConnexTo in action. Plus his own notes on the technology, titled: Nextcode's ConnexTo mobile code scanning makes entering data a snap. This post made it to the pondering primate blog!. Mark- that's awesome!
You can view the posting and see the YouTube video right here.

This is all very exciting...what's most exciting to me is that there's ever-increasing attention to code scanning and where it (w/c/sh)ould go. Every time I meet with someone I hear this new idea. Mind you, some aren't as great, but others are very cool.

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