Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sabich: The best dish in the universe

Just before I relocated to the US, two friends of mine were kind enough to introduce me to Sabich. They meant to do good, but it became a torture, because I got so hooked on it, that every time I go back, Sabich is easily making it to the first place of "got to do" when I get there.

Sabich is a great combo of fried sliced eggplant, boiled egg, salad, humus, tehini, hot sauce and Amba (that Mango-taste mustard-like) in a Pita. Its really good and I recommend it. The best Sabich (IMHO) is made by Oved, who has his own Sabich language and makes the whole experience so much more than buying food. (on the right, the inside of Sabich)

For Hebrew speakers/readers, here's a great cover in Ynet, along with a video (a must-see even if you know Oved).
If you're not a Hebrew speaker/reader, that's fine too: watch this:

So if you are planning a trip to Israel, tell your cab driver this:
"Take me to Oved's Sabich" (at that point, the cab driver should know where it is, but just in case:) "it is in Giv'a'ta'im, Rehov Sirkin 7". It won't be open on Jewish holidays and weekends, but otherwise, you should see the lineup before the shop.

Visiting Israel, here's a couple other "must-eat":
1- Humus (there's so many great places, literally everyone's great)
2- Shawar'ma
3- Knafe & Baklawa (IMHO best one is in Yafo)

>This post is dedicated to Avner & Isar

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